Almer Kimya

It was established in 2004 The experience gained since the year it was founded; It has become one of the leading companies in the sector in a short time by combining it with constantly renewed knowledge and technology in the world.


Almer Kimya R&D & Quality Control Laboratory is designed to ensure that the analysis results are consistent, comparable, accurate and within the specified sensitivity limits.


To ensure that the production, marketing and sales of biocidal and environmental health products are carried out in accordance with the determined targets,
Commitment by the Senior Management to comply with all national/international laws/ legislation/ standards/ regulations,
To understand and meet customer needs and expectations in the best way, To deliver the products at the promised time,
To be open to innovations without compromising on quality and to determine continuous improvement at every point and to produce the perfect one as our basic philosophy,
Ensuring the satisfaction of all employees, 
To organize trainings for the development of employees and to increase quality awareness within the scope of continuous improvement,


To expand our product network by following the developing technology, to keep customer
satisfaction at the highest level without sacrificing quality and to continue to be among the leading
companies in the market. ALMER KIMYA attaches importance to environmental policies in order to
leave a cleaner and livable world to future generations.
We aim to use our existing resources in the most efficient way by approaching environmental issues sensitively. The rapid decline of natural resources, climate change and global warming are among the most important problems of the world. In this context, we attach importance to environmental and social responsibility activities and make investments in this regard.


In accordance with the Information Security PolicyAlmer Kimya İlaç Ltd. Şti. Board of Directors and management hereby undertake to comply with the principles and rules stipulated by the Constitution of Turkish Republic, the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (KVKK) and other laws and regulations and protect the rights and freedom of the individuals whose data is processed by Almer Kimya İlaç Ltd. Şti.. The Board of Directors has adapted a written personal data protection policy and system, subject to improvement, to implement for this purpose