Saraykent Sanayi Böl. Saray Mh. 32.Sk. No:26 Kazan – ANKARA
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  • To provide that the marketing and sales of biocidal and environment health products in line with determined targets properly.
  • To comply with appropiate  national and  international standarts/legislation  for sector.
  • To comprehend and satisfy customer needs and expectationsin the best way.
  • To deliver products committed time  absolutely.
  • To determine producing been perfect as a main  philosophy and  improving always at all point, be open innovations without make concessions to quality
  • To ensure the satisfaction of all employees,
  • To organise training in order to enhance  their quality awareness and employees’improvement under  continuous improvement
  • By ensuring  participation of all personnel  to quality management system and monitoring continuous improvement  and of effectiveness    are our company’s main policy
  • ALMER promises that this policy will be introduced and understood by all employees.