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  • Ichthyol,
  • Cetostearyl alcohol,
  • Seteareth 20,
  • Liquid paraffin,
  • vaseline,
  • deionized Water.


Proichtoderm cream is a  cream as prepeared leather care product. It has a softener, light-antiseptic abscess maturing agent character. It helps main treatment in the cattles’, small cattle’s  dogs’, cats’, horses’ various dermatologic disorders by removing matured on the skin fatty shell, dried shell, follicle Shell. It accelerates animals’treatment by maturing  comprised abscess quickly. It removes itching. It removes filled within the follicles fatty substances. It is spreaded on breasts’leather in mestisis   with this property as softener. It accelerates cells’ regeneration and regulastes leather demp.

Proichtoderm cream is applied  the way of light membrane  3 times a day .