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  • Brodifacoum
  • Denatonıum Benzoate(Bitrex)
  • Attractants


Target Species
Application Area
Range of Application
Houses, warehouses, stores, restaurants and vehicles such as train, ship
For Each feding station (15-30 g)
when needed
Houses,warehouses,stores,restaurants and vehicles such as train, ship
For Each feeding station         (60-90 g)
When needed

Almer Rod Pellet should be place into feeding station boxes 15-30 g for mouse control ,60-90g for rat control the way of clusters Almer Rod Pellet is placed to dirty area, garrets, behind of cupboard, corner  and side of wall, and also places where mouses and rats can reach easily, with eroding traces.


It should not be used mouse feeding together with alternative nutrients. Almer Rod Pellet  is should be checked one time a week and if it reduced, should be completed on. Should be renewed poured feeding  by destroying in out of station. Deaths are comprised of nests and  observed  after putting   3-4 days. If there is dead Mouse or rat, should be embeded with a glove. Should be placed  into determined nests or  station, places where children and non target animals won’t be reach , won’t be influenced from weather conditions such as rain, humidity. Should be wrote ‘’ pay attention raticide ‘’ for people who don’t know  on feeding station.