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Interkokask is a broad spectrum disinfectant against fungusides, viruses  in addition to  coccidial oocyste bacterias,parasite eggs (roundwarm egg )used in animals coops. It also eliminates eggs of mites’ and scabs’ factor .

It is approved by association of German Veterinary Doctors aganist activity worm eggs and coccidial oocystes. Date of sertification is January 13th 2007. It is confirmed by experts activity against bacteria and fungisides according to Europe Veterinary Rule. General disinfectants don’t eliminate  resistant form of endoparasites. So İn all cases, using interkokask  is really important  especially struggle with coccidial oocystes, worm eggs and larvas. It is suitable for use in chicken and Turkey coops,cattle stables, rabbit shelters.  Otherwise, poor feed transformation  rates may result in more feed consumption, high sensitivity to diseases and deaths.